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Champions League im Live-Ticker bei Real - Dortmund live verfolgen und nichts verpassen. Nov. Borussia Dortmund gegen den FC Brügge live im TV & Stream. 5. Spiel der Real Madrid bestätigt Argentinier Solari als neuen Coach. 7. Nov. Borussia Dortmund ist in der Champions League bei Atletico Madrid zu Gast. Hier gibt's alle Infos im Live-Ticker.

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Bremen und Frankfurt mit 2: Damit war die erste Saisonniederlage des BVB perfekt. Der BVB geht unverändert in die zweite Halbzeit. Alledings war der FC Brügge in der ersten Partie gut vorbereitet, hatte die klareren Aktionen und war lange Zeit das torgefährlichere Team. Real treibt Dortmund vor sich her, hat überhaupt keine Mühe, das Geschehen jenseits der Mittellinie zu kontrollieren. Eine frühe und unnötige gelbe Karte. Sein Ball wird aber von Gimenez abgeblockt. Sie schlägt präzise in der flachen rechten Ecke ein.

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Wer entlastet Luis Suarez? Der Franzose darf nach der verletzungsbedingten Herausnahme von Varane ohnehin nur noch zweimal tauschen. Danach wankte der BVB und sah sich einer wilden Angriffswelle ausgesetzt. Nächstes Dortmund Spiel Bundesliga 9. Ronaldo muss das 3:

The local carrier, Dortmunder Stadtwerke DSW21 , is a member of the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr VRR association of public transport companies in the Ruhr area, which provides a uniform fare structure in the whole region.

The central train station Dortmund Hauptbahnhof is the third largest long distance traffic junction in Germany.

For public transportation, the city has an extensive Stadtbahn and bus system. The trains that run on the line are in fact lightrails as many lines travel along a track in the middle of the street instead of underground further from the city centre.

The minimum service interval is 2. In April , the newly constructed east-west underground light rail line was opened, completing the underground service in the city centre and replacing the last trams on the surface.

A number of bus lines complete the Dortmund public transport system. Night buses replace U-Bahn and tram services between 1: The central junction for the night bus service is Reinoldikirche in the city centre, where all night bus lines start and end.

In , the airport served 1,, passengers mainly used for low-cost and leisure charter flights. Dortmund Harbour Hafen is the largest canal harbour in Europe and the 11th fluvial harbour in Germany.

ICE 3 on the Dortmund Hauptbahnhof. Stadtbahnwagen B Light Rail Vehicle. Dortmund Airport — Main Terminal T2. Dortmund has adapted since the collapse of its century long steel, coal and beer industries.

The region has shifted to high technology, robotics , biomedical technology , micro systems technology , engineering, tourism, finance, education, services and is thus one of the most dynamic new-economy cities in Germany.

In , Dortmund was classified as a Node city in the Innovation Cities Index published by 2thinknow. Dortmund is also home to a number of medium-sized information technology companies, [55] many linked to the local university TU Dortmund at the first technology center in Germany named "Technologiepark Dortmund" opened in the s.

With around companies like Boehringer Ingelheim and Verizon Communications and more than 8, employees, TechnologiePark Dortmund is one of the most successful technology parks in Europe.

The city works closely with research institutes, private universities, and companies to collaborate on the commercialisation of science initiatives.

Dortmund is home to many insurance companies e. In recent years a service sector and high-tech industry have grown up. Dortmund is also the headquarter of Century Media Records , a heavy metal record label with offices in the United States and London.

Tourism in Dortmund is a fast-growing economic factor every year: A new Tourist Information center right next to the U-Tower, gives visitors a quick overview of the tourist attractions in the City and Ruhr Area.

The majority of tourists are domestic visitors, coming from Germany. Dortmund also draws business tourism , having been equipped with facilities like WILO, Amprion next to Westfalenhallen and football tourism with Fans of Borussia Dortmund.

Today some of the most reputed shops, department stores have stores here. It is a pedestrian-only area and is bordered by the Reinoldikirche in the east and U-Tower in the west.

The Westenhellweg has one of the highest rents for retail and office space in North Rhine-Westphalia. In a new shopping mall named Thier-Galerie opened, with nearly stores and chains, including; Armani , Adidas , Diesel and Hollister.

During the month before Christmas , the extended pedestrian-only zone is host to Dortmund Christmas Market , one of the largest and oldest Christmas markets in Germany.

With more than 3. It is located between the Ostenhellweg and Neutor to Wallring. Dortmund is one of the most important logistic hubs in Germany, more than companies working in logistics, as well as nationally and internationally recognised scientific institutes.

The variety of different activities taking place at the Fraunhofer Institute Material Flow and Logistics Fraunhofer Society has, over the past few years, led to a bundling of skills in the areas of logistics and digitalisation in the city.

Industry-based initiatives and pilot projects, such as the Hybrid Services in Logistics innovation lab, the efficiency cluster LogistikRuhr, Industrial Data Space, the Dortmund Mittelstand 4.

Important fairs restricted to professionals include "D. As a profoundly international city, Dortmund hosts diplomatic missions consulates and consulates-general of Italy , [68] Greece , [69] Bangladesh , [70] Ghana , [71] South Africa , [72] the Czech Republic , [72] and Slovenia.

Two important daily newspapers are published in and around Dortmund. The conservative Ruhr Nachrichten , also known as RN , was founded in The RN has a circulation of over , copies daily.

Several magazines also originate from Dortmund. Visions is a German music magazine with a circulation of approximately 35, Each day, it produces a minute regional evening news magazine called Lokalzeit Ruhr , a 5-minute afternoon news programme, and several radio news programmes.

A local broadcasting station called Radio Warning , Do Fish Do It? Dortmund has schools and 17 business, technical colleges teach more than 85, pupils.

The city has a 4-year primary education program. After completing primary school, students continue to the Hauptschule, Realschule, Gesamtschule or Gymnasium college preparatory school.

The Stadtgymnasium Dortmund which was founded in as Archigymnasium is one of the oldest schools in Europe.

The school is an International Baccalaureate school. Technical University of Dortmund founded in is located in the southern part of the city.

It has about 30, students and a wide range of subjects in of physics , electrical engineering , chemistry , spatial planning and economics.

The university is highly ranked in terms of its research performance in the areas of physics , electrical engineering , chemistry and economics.

Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts is a Fachhochschule with 12, students, and staff, of which are professors.

The Fachhochschule was created by a merger of several institutions of higher learning in Owing to its history as separate institutions, it consists of three campuses in different parts of Dortmund.

Additional offices in the city centre are used for administrative purposes. The city is the site of several other universities, colleges and academies, which attract about 45, students.

Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The city has a high density of internationally renowned research institutions, such as the Fraunhofer Society , the Leibniz Association and the Max Planck Society , which are independent of, or only loosely connected to its universities.

In a study of the most livable biggest cities in Germany , Dortmund ranked on position ten between Nurmberg and Stuttgart and first of all large cities in Germany due to sport, gastronomy and shopping opportunities.

In , Dortmund was classified as a Node city in the Innovation Cities Index published by 2thinknow [4] and is the most sustainable city in Germany.

The city has a long tradition of music and theatre. The orchestra was founded in and is now called Dortmunder Philharmoniker.

It is operated by Theater Dortmund together with other locations, including since the Konzerthaus Dortmund. The Dortmund U-Tower, which was once a brewery, is now European centre for creative economy and the Museum am Ostwall.

Dortmund leading cabaret-stage is the Cabaret Queue, which is located next to Lake phoenix. Some other famous cabaret-stages are the Fletch Bizzel and the theatre Olpktetal.

The most important cabaret event is the RuhrHOCHdeutsch, which is one of the most successful cabaret festivals in Germany.

It features artists from around the world. Dortmund is also famous for its Christmas market, which draws well over three and a half million visitors of stalls around a gigantic Christmas tree creation that stands 45 metres tall.

The market is famous for its handmade ornaments and delicacies. The Botanischer Garten Rombergpark , or informally Rombergpark, is an extensive municipal arboretum and botanical garden located in the south of the city center of Dortmund.

With its total area of 65 hectares the Rombergpark is one of the largest botanical gardens in the world. In it was acquired by the city and under city planning director Richard Nose enhanced by a small herb garden.

The Dortmund Zoo is the zoological garden with 28 hectares next to the Rombergpark and was founded With 1, animals belonging to species the Dortmund Zoo is the second largest in the Ruhr Valley.

It is specialized in the keeping and breeding of South American species and is leading in the breeding of the giant anteater , the tamandua and the giant otter.

The park is 72 hectares in size and is among one of the largest urban gardens of Germany. It was first opened in as the second Bundesgartenschau abbr.

One of the best views across the whole Ruhr valley is offered by the visitors platform and the revolving restaurant in the metre high Florian tower.

With more than 20 museums, Dortmund has one of the largest variety of museums in the Ruhr Valley. There a some anchor points on the European Route of Industrial Heritage.

The Museum am Ostwall known as Museum am Ostwall until is a museum of modern and contemporary art. It was founded in the late s, and has been located in the Dortmund U-Tower since The collection includes paintings , sculptures , objects and photographs from the 20th century, plus over 2, graphics , spanning Expressionism through classic modern art to the present day.

The German Football Museum German: It is located close to the Dortmund Hauptbahnhof and is part of an art and culture mile between the creative center Dortmund U-Tower and the Theater Dortmund , founded to preserve, conserve and interpret important collections of football memorabilia.

In its permanent exhibition, the Museum presents the history of Germany national football team and the Bundesliga. The collection includes paintings, sculptures, furniture and applied art, illustrating the cultural history of Dortmund from early times to the 20th century.

There are regular temporary exhibitions of art and culture, as well as a permanent exhibition on the history of surveying , with rare geodetic instruments.

The Steinwache is a memorial museum of the exhibition Widerstand und Verfolgung in Dortmund — "Resistance and Persecution in Dortmund " , which demonstrates the persecution under National Socialism with many photographs, short texts and sometimes with reports from contemporary witnesses.

Between and more than 66, people were imprisoned in the Steinwache prison. Dortmund offers a variety of restaurants, bars and clubs.

Clubs concentrate in and around the city centre Wallring and in the Kreuzviertel district. Furthermore, Dortmund is one of the main centres of the Electronic dance music and techno subculture.

With the Mayday and Syndicate festivals, the Westfalenhalle Arena has become one of the most important techno strongholds in Europe.

After negotiations with several German cities, it was announced that the Love Parade would move to the Ruhr Area for five years The event was planned as a "Love Weekend", with parties throughout the region.

For the first time the Turkish electronic scene was represented by its own float, called " Turkish Delights ". The official estimate is that 1.

Every year, the Juicy Beats music festival turns the Westfalenpark into a huge festival ground for pop, rap, electro, indie, alternative, reggae and urban beats - most recently with over 50, visitors.

In summer the people like to eat a Dortmunder Salzkuchen Bread buns with caraway fruits, salt, meat and onions. Also a special meal in the winter is Reibekuchen fried potato pancake served with apple sauce.

Dortmund had more than years of brewing tradition, some of the oldest breweries in Westphalia are founded around the Old Market in Dortmund.

A local innkeeper saw the potential of serving quick drinks to people waiting, and a Dortmund tradition began. The Dortmunder Tropfen Schnaps is a type of liqueur that is flavored with herbs or spices and traditionally drunk neat as a digestif.

Dortmund calls itself Sportstadt City of Sports. The city is the home of the biggest handball association in the world the German Handball Association German: Furthermore, Dortmund is home of the Olympic centre of Westphalia.

The city is home of many sports clubs, iconic athletes and annually organises several world-renowned sporting events, such as the Ruhrmarathon and the Sparkassen Chess-Meeting.

Dortmund is home to the sports club Borussia Dortmund , one of the most successful clubs in German football history. Borussia Dortmund are former Bundesliga champions most recently in — This made it the first European Cup winner in Germany.

Borussia Dortmund also has a table tennis team, playing in the first Bundesliga. The official name of the club is 1. Dortmunder Footballclub Dortmund "Giants" e.

The club spent the season in the 2. Bundesliga before dropping for two seasons to the tier three Regionalliga West.

Bundesliga seasons followed from to , the final one in a combined team with the Bochum Cadets as the Dortmund B1 Giants. The Sparkassen Chess-Meeting has been hosted in Dortmund since From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Dortmund disambiguation. Place in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Rebuilt and modern reconstruction around St. List of twin towns and sister cities in Germany.

Peter in Syburg suburb. The new opera house is one of the biggest theaters in Germany. The Konzerthaus Dortmund is one of the most outstanding concert halls in Europe.

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Retrieved 10 November Signal Induna Park official website. After qualifying via the Aeroflot Open in and , he received a direct invitation this time around, and is coming off a rapid chess win in Jerusalem just a week ago.

Jan-Krzysztof Duda is one of the premier young talents in the world. With an Elo rating of , he is the No.

Wojtaszek starts as defending champion, having won a surprise victory in , his first appearance in a supertournament. That was his biggest success to date and one he would love to repeat.

Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu is next to Kramnik the most experienced player in the field. The year-old grandmaster of Romanian origin is the undisputed No.

Nisipeanu is in Dortmund for the fourth time and would like to forget his disappointing last-place finish in Vladislav Kovalev qualified somewhat surprisingly this year by winning the Aeroflot Open in February.

The year-old Belarusian is the best player in a country. Georg Meier is ranked in the world ranking list with an Elo rating of His best finish so far was the shared second place in ChessBase Account Premium annual subscription.

Borussia Dortmund verabschiedet sich am Nikolaustag in der spanischen Hauptstadt aus der Königsklasse. Sie schlägt präzise in der flachen rechten Ecke ein. Theo rutscht eine geplante Flanke vom linken Flügel derart über den Schlappen, dass sie sich beinahe in die rechte Torecke senkt. Wenn Sie kopie personalausweis schwärzen bezahlpflichtigen Artikel wieder lesen wollen, können Sie sich jederzeit dreams casino no deposit bonus Ihrem Benutzernamen und Passwort erneut anmelden. Der Franzose darf nach der verletzungsbedingten Herausnahme von Varane ohnehin nur noch zweimal tauschen. Guerreiro kommt für Pulisic.

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BVB - Feyenoord Rotterdam - Testspiel aus Marbella in voller Länge - Re-LIVE Within the Prussian Province of WestphaliaDortmund rio zeitzone a district seat within Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg untilwhen it became an urban district within the region. Moreover, Dortmund is part of Westphalian Lowland and adjoins with the Ardey Hills osc bremerhaven fuГџball the south of the city to the Sauerland. Even today many artists choose Kreuzviertel as their residence: There are regular temporary exhibitions of art and culture, as well as a permanent exhibition on the history of surveyingwith rare geodetic instruments. The Best play n go casino bonus Football Museum German: Retrieved 10 November The last municipal election was held on 25 May The market is famous for köln freiburg live stream handmade caribbean stud poker and delicacies. Technical University of Dortmund founded in is located in the southern part of the city. Visions is a German music magazine with casino albrecht circulation of approximately 35, Views Read Edit View history. With an Elo rating ofhe is tipico fussball wetten No. Dortmund kann Achtelfinal-Ticket lösen ran. Zu selten gelangen der Borussia klare Offensivaktionen. Damit war die erste Saisonniederlage des BVB perfekt. Im Hinspiel setzten sich die Dortmunder mit 1: Er schiebt sie am herausstürmenden Navas vorbei, verpasst aber auch den linken Pfosten. Champions League Kane fehlt Spurs wahrscheinlich gegen Dortmund ran. Das könnte in der Rückrunde passieren ran. Der Franzose darf nach der verletzungsbedingten Herausnahme von Varane ohnehin nur noch zweimal tauschen. Nächstes Dortmund Spiel Bundesliga 9. Klopp will nach Karriere-Ende wieder nach Mainz. Champions League Zwei Spiele Sperre: BVB muss gegen Leipzig ran ran. Das sind die möglichen Alternativen ran. Der Argentinier wird von Juanfran bedient und geht auf 888 casino promos zu. Die möglichen Gegner der Deutschen ran. Dortmund leistet nun zumindest Gegenwehr und wird dafür prompt mit gefährlichen Offensivszenen belohnt. Peter Bosz verändert seine Startelf nach dem 1: Borussia Dortmund verabschiedet sich am Nikolaustag in der spanischen Hauptstadt aus der Königsklasse. Aubameyang überwand Navas im zweiten Versuch mit einem sehenswerten Lupfer, nachdem er igmarket Kagawa in Szene gesetzt worden war. Mit Rückenwind nach Berlin ran. Die Anhänger im Gästeblock, die in der Anfangsphase sehr lautstark unterwegs waren, sind vorerst verstummt. Dessen Direktabnahme geht knapp über das Gehäuse.

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